The General Maynyrd Band


General Maynyrd Band started when Dan Ingberman (guitar) had accumulated a bunch of songs that just didn’t fit with his band Crooked Flower.  With his bandmates Daniel Erik (bass) and Pat Shields (drums and percussion) suggested that we put together a side project with Drew Southern (guitar) and Will Kyriazis (piano and keyboards), who in addition to playing on various Crooked Flower albums, was in another band called Hibbity Dibbity with Tom Relling (slide guitar), another old friend who had played with everyone.

Drew also co-founded another classic rock band called Stang with another old friend, Dave Combs (vocals).

Everyone acquired a nickname during the rehearsals.

Dan was “Professor,” because he really is a professor, and also due to his love of music theory.

Daniel was “Shep” – due to his business acumen, he was named after Shep Gordon.

Pat was “Thumper” because his pounding drums are the heartbeat of the band.

Drew was “Coach” because he was a quarterback/wide receiver and explained everything in terms of football.

Dave was "Slayer" for the obvious reason....

Tom was “T-bone” because, well, just because.

For years we had been calling Will “Maynyrd” due to his deep knowledge of music.

In this project, however, Will was “General” because – although we all contributed – he was the “musical director.”

So now you know the secret behind the name “General Maynyrd Band.”


Much love, GMB.


General Maynyrd Band Is:

Dave Combs: Vocals

Daniel Erik (Tenenbaum): Bass

Will Kyriazis: Piano and keyboards

Dan Ingberman: Guitar

Tom Relling: Slide Guitar

Patrick Shields: Drums and percussion

Drew Southern: Guitar


Music written by General Maynyrd Band (except “You’re The Type” -- Boyd/Ingberman/General Maynyrd Band).  Lyrics by Dave Combs and Dan Ingberman (except “You’re The Type”).  All songs arranged by General Maynyrd Band.

Produced by General Maynyrd Band.  Recorded at Jingletown Studios, Oakland California.  Recording engineered by Lee Bothwick.  Mixed by Jaimeson Durr.  Mastered by Justin Weis.  Album art by Andy Westhoff.

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Much Love!!

© ℗ 2019, Daniel E. Ingberman.  All rights reserved.







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